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Crimson Malice soundtrack

Since I began collecting epic movies (fantasy, historical, etc), and kept on writing my first novel (way back in 2001), I got to appreciate more and more the details in the works of classical composers, and of course, the score for movies, series and videogames. And it alwalys led me to discover more, to find a recognize certain cues (one of my favorites being Mars, The Bringer of War, by Gustav Holst).

And when I was writing, I chose to make a list on which to select certain tracks that I had repeated many times, or that I was humming or recalling while depicting certain scenes on the page.

Since that moment, I have been doing this for almost all of my stories, and in doing so I have come to discover more soundtracks from games and movies to add to my collection.

Thus, here I present the soundtrack I have compiled for my debut novel, Crimson Malice.

1. The Red Stain
2. A Rite of Passage
3. Look at the Seeping Red!
4. Hazardous Prey
5. One Drop of Silence
6. Blossoming Rain
7. Nightmare Slain
8. Of Charms and Spells
9. Gathered Again 
10. The White Terror
11. Trespassers 
12. Where The Filth Thrives
13. Erlaine is Watching
14. The Veiled One 
15. The Bleeding and the Longing 
16. Embodied in Red 
17. Shriek of the Owls 
18. Ylfengs and Groths 
19. A King is Seen
20. A King Requests
21. Smiling Wound 
22. Beneath the Skin, Behind the Walls 
23. The Leave Taking
24. To Drisfarne
25. A Day Among Hunters 
26. Ravenheads
27. A Heir for the Raven Lord
28. Crimson Birth 
29. Bereavment Through Torment 
30. Exiled

All tracks belong to their proper composers.
Soundtracks used:
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt / Hearts of Stone (Mikolai Stroinski/Marcin Przybyłowicz & Percival Schuttenbach)
The Witch (Mark Korven)
Le Pact Des Leups / Brotherhood of the Wolf (Joseph LoDuca)

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