viernes, 30 de diciembre de 2016

Published novel!

At last, after 15 years, my dream to become a published author has come true. Yet it's only part of a dream, and I've already planned some other steps into fulfilling the next stages to thrive in my debut for this career.

It began with a fascination for all things epic with the movie of 'The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring', and from there to get as many books and movies as possible, to learn from stories of all ages, whether fictional or historical, and in which, I was always lured to find or feed my curiosity into the grandest conflicts of the human life.

Which is what I decided to do with the novel I spent working 10 years, writing it in English and translating it into Spanish, and going from one to the other as I get to build up the world of Everdant.
It was the thrill, lucid dreaming, the story I wanted to see before anyone else wrote it, yet I never forsook the delight of finding and praising lots of other stories and artistic endeavors that fed my ever-growing capability of amazement, and my enthusiasm when I found something that inspired me, something to learn.

Without any professional credit or experience, yet aware of what I needed to learn, even if I was a hobbyist until my work could be seen, until I knew that someone else could deem it fit and worthy to be shared. And on a parallel road, while I strode in Everdant, another one was here, in the real world, having to cope with life as a rather serious and introvert man who measures the right words to say, never as something idle... though mistakes and losses may come crashing down upon me.

And certain feelings assailed me as knowing to have begun late on certain things in life, certain experiences or chances that I missed or never took. In the last years I got to wonder about the skills of artists I have discovered, most of the time too great for me to ever reach half of their level, only to find out their own struggles as persons and artists, from many walks of life, and they keep going on. They never stop being human nor doing what enriches their spirit.

Somehow, I chose to strive, to chase a shooting star darting across the sky, which in turn is always chasing the dawn or the dusk, for I keep learning to fear neither past nor future, for I can get to find hope in both to maintain here and now.

 And because I am alive and a human, and I mean to keep both conditions until the end of all things.

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